Goldsmith Engineering was founded on the desire to offer a personalised, bespoke and most of all, responsive service.

Design and construction moves fast and decisions are made in hours, not weeks. We are available to respond to queries, visit site and attend team meetings at a moment’s notice.


The Fire Safety Engineer is the project manager for Fire Safety during the design and construction stages.

We will engage with the Design Team and Contractor adding value and experience to the project. We will anticipate issues before they become problems and ensure that the contractor is aware of the high quality we expect when inspecting and certifying works.


We identify the need to be flexible throughout the life of a project. Our Fire Strategy Design moves with the project as it grows and develops.

Fire Safety Engineering is not about restricting design to fit into prescriptive Building Regulations guidance. It is about realising the Architect’s vision using innovative Fire Safety Engineering solutions to enhance life safety in a building and meet Building Regulations compliance.


We add value to our projects. Our designs will always be the most innovative and efficient for the building.

The Fire Strategy Design will consider the long-term cost-effectiveness of systems with a focus on low-maintenance, and high energy-efficiency.